Scientific and Medical Literature:

Student Papers

Circadian Rhythms - Andrew B. Hollander

Demonic Possession - Melissa A. Bromwell

Dual States of Conscioiusness - Susan Lee


Memory Consolidation and REM Sleep - Robert Miller

Mind Whispers - Psychics and Scientists - Patrick Marsolek

Narcolepsy: The "I-Function" and Current Research - Richard Cruz

Neuromagnetic Signals as the Basis for States of Consciousness - Todd Murphy

Paradigms of Consciousness During Sleep - Donald J. DeGracia Ph.D.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: A Clear Link Between the Outside and the Inside of the Brain - Julia Johnson

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Laurel Edmundson

Sleep, Dreams and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder - Mahalia Cohen

The Amygdala Home Page -

The Role of the Amygdala in Fear and Panic - Doug Holt

Sleep Paralysis: Awake But Still Asleep - Hiro Takahashi

Sleep Paralysis: REM and the "I Function" - Richard Cruz

Hypnagogia: A Bridge to Other Realities - Yun-Wen Shaw

Fear-Induced Hallucination: How Sleep Paralysis Triggers Hallucination - Hiro Takahashi

Another Explanation for Hallucination during Sleep Paralysis: Mismatch between Brain's Expectation and Sensory Input - Hiro Takahashi