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Prevalence of Anomalous Experiences by ElectroSensitivity Score

For Experiencers who completed both the Anomalous Experiences and the ElectroSensitivity Questionnaires, responses to questions about anomalous experiences are broken down by ElectroSensitivity Score (the total number of 'True' responses to that questionnaire).


ElectroSensitivity Score ('True' Responses)

Warning: These tables are based on TEST data. They are presented to illustrate the type of results that will be available when the number of participants begins to grow. Feel free to make suggestions as to other tables you might like to see.

Question about Anomalous Experiences

0 - 5

6 - 10



Have you ever been aware that you were dreaming while you were dreaming 6 7 6 19
Have you ever found yourself fully alert but unable to move while going to sleep or awakening from sleep or while in a resting position? 6 7 6 19
Have you ever 'awakened' from a dream only to find out that you had merely dreamed of awakening? 6 6 4 16
Have you ever experienced seeming to separate from your body or seeming to perceive from a point of view away from where you knew your body to be? 4 6 6 16
Have you ever seen or been approached byor attacked by a being you thought was a demonic or supernatural being 2 4 6 12
Have you ever seen a glowing light in the sky that you couldn't explain to your own satisfaction 1 3 3 7
Have you ever seen an apparition (an appearance of someone deceased or known to be elsewhere at the time of the appearance)? 1 4 2 7
Have you ever experienced being approached, stimulated or attacked sexually by a spiritual being? 3 1 2 6
Have you ever experienced contact with an alien or non-human being? 0 3 3 6
Have you ever been 'hagged' (attacked by an 'Old Hag')? 1 0 4 5
Have you ever seen or met with or been approached by a being you thought an angel? 0 1 1 2
Have you ever been 'taken' or abducted by alien beings? 0 0 1 1
Have you ever experienced anything unusual or paranormal while you were in a medical crisis, close to death or in great fear of dying? 0 0 0 0
Have you ever experienced or perceived something while your body was, in the opinion of a physician, clinically dead or in cardiac arrest? 0 0 0 0