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ElectroSensitivity Inventory

Inventory of ElectroSensitivity Indicators

Warning: These tables are based on TEST data. They are presented to illustrate the type of results that will be available when the number of participants begins to grow. Feel free to make suggestions as to other tables you might like to see.


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Do you frequently get severe shocks from door handles, car bodywork or other surfaces? 16 2 5 23
Do you ever have hairs on your body stand on end, feel suddenly cold or overheated, experience tingling or numbness? 15 3 2 20
Do light-bulbs seem to last for a very short period of time in your home? 11 2 1 14
Do you ever get a metallic taste in your mouth? 9 4 0 13
Do you feel uncomfortable in synthetic materials (e.g. acrylic, nylon)? 9 3 0 12
Does electrical equipment go wrong or behave oddly in you presence? 6 2 3 11
Are you very sensitive to light? (Sunlight? Flickering light? Do you ever wear tinted glasses? 10 1 0 11
Have you ever been close to a lightning strike? 5 3 1 9
Have you ever suffered a major electrocution (a shock from a home or building electrical system or something stronger? 1 6 0 7
Have you ever been struck by ligthening? 0 1 2 3
Have you ever received Electro-Shock Therapy (Sometimes called ElectroConvulsive Therapy)? 0 0 0 0
Are there any of the following features near your home: a quarry, radio mast, power lines, reservoir, hill, military base, TV/radio station, ham radio? 0 0 0 0
Do flurescent lights give you headaches or otherwise bother you? 0 0 0 0
Do you ever get electrical rippling sensations under your skin? 0 0 0 0
Do you ever find that objects in your home go missing or behave oddly in some way? 0 0 0 0
Do you find it is easier to get to sleep if you have a fan or other electrical device in operation near you? 0 0 0 0